Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew! We have been so busy lately, I'm surprised I even remembered we had a blog. Anyway, Heidi's pregnancy is going great -- we're finding out what she's having next Friday -- and the July 4th celebration at Avalon Park was fantastic. It was great meeting all you wonderful people and it really gave us a great venue to get our name out.

So... What have we been working on lately?

Well, as many of you know we're a part of the Florida Etsy Street Team and we've teamed up with a few of the other artisans in the group to create Halloween-themed craft packs. We're creating 100 Halloween bibs that will be distributed into the art packs and the packs will be sold for $10 - $15 -- let me tell you that is a *steal.* There will be eight items in the pack, all worth around $3 - $4 each. We wanted to include a quick picture of the two bibs we're working on -- they're not quite done yet (still need the snap closure) but it's a good enough picture to show you how cute they're turning out. The backing is a really nice terrycloth -- perfect!

We've also started selling on a site called Winkelf, which is essentially a different version of Etsy. We just got set up on it this evening (morning? it is 2 am after all) and we're looking forward to selling on another site. We're truly hoping to branch out more in the coming months and open up our own website as well.

The last piece of information I wanted to tell you is that we've scored a huge craft event -- the Southern Women's Show in Orlando! Woo Hoo! It will be held October 9th - 12th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando -- I think we can get an unlimited number of reduced-price tickets... so if you want to come see us at the show, we'll try to hook you up. Much, much more information is going to follow about the show so keep your eyes peeled.

Other than that we've just been working on a few custom tshirt quilt orders and trying to come up with some awesome holiday designs to delight our fanbase.

Take care and have a great day!