Monday, September 15, 2008

Woo Hoo, I'm back!

Let me just start this out with the fact that my vacation was fantastic. We had a great time visiting my two best friends -- Aunt and Uncle to my son -- up in Atlanta. We went to Chuck E Cheese, the Atlanta Zoo, a splash park... you name it, we visited it (including's warehouse... but that was for mommy). We had a blast.

Until Saturday evening.

You see, I always drive at night because my toddler is asleep and there isn't any traffic -- I can put it on cruise control and relax, knowing I'll meet very few cars on the road. Unfortunately, my son decided to pick Saturday evening (about 30 minutes into the trip) to throw up all over himself, his car seat and his blankie. Oh. My. Lord. He didn't eat dinner that evening but I chalked that up to not liking chicken quesadillas and he didn't show any signs of feeling ill that whole day. I pulled into a gas station, stripped off his PJs (threw them into the trash) and picked up the fantasticness with another tshirt (trashed as well). I took everyone into the dirty gas station bathroom and tried to wash us all but I don't think I managed to accomplish anything because we both still smelled like throw up. Blankie went into a plastic bag for immediate washing upon the return home and I had to make up my mind as to what to do.

I decided to press on and we got back at 2:30 am without any further incidences (except that I tried to hold my bladder for so long I almost wet myself). As I was taking a shower at 2:30 am, my husband informs me that his car won't start so he'll have to take mine to work. It's fortunate that I have someone meeting me at a mall to discuss a memory blanket on Monday (sarcasm). I figure "no big deal, I'll just go and get a battery Monday morning after my brother jumps the car)."

I slept the whole next day so it wasn't until this Morning that I realized my check card was missing. Great. Still don't know where it is but no one's tried to use it yet (thank god).

Then I couldn't jump my husband's car, effectively stranding me at home and away from the business contact I had to meet.

Then, the irreplaceable $100 hand-embroidered blanket I shipped on 8/27 STILL wasn't at its destination in Canada.

Seriously, this morning has been poor.

BUT, things are starting to look up. The memory quilt customer graciously came to my house and dropped off everything... and the package arrived in Canada (and he LOVED THE BLANKET!!). My hubby is bringing home a new battery, so we'll install that tonight. Now, all I need to do is find my check card and everything will be right in the world.

Ok, I know I promised you guys a contest and new listings and the contest will be up on Wednesday :).

Take care and I'll update again soon with all sorts of cool goodies that I am making ;)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'll be seeing you....

Ok, I'm not really gone, gone... but I'm finally going on vacation -- yay! I'm driving myself and my son up to Atlanta to visit two of my best friends in the world on Monday.... and we won't be back until Sunday. It will be a welcome getaway especially since I get to see a little man who just learned how to walk AND a pregnant belly :).

I know, I know, you'll miss me (lol), but you can soldier on without me because when I get back I promise you a chock-full Etsy and Blog week. I'll be posting new items on Etsy and I'll be reviewing the items I received from NothingLikeIt. I'll be adding a fun fall recipe AND I'll be having a super secret giveaway and sale exclusive to my Blog readers.

Before I skedaddle, I wanted to bring up two things:

The first? GO GATORS!!!!! WOO HOO, TAKE THAT MIAMI!!!!! No, seriously, that was a fantastic game to watch (stop whining Miami fans, that was a good call). I've had to sit through seven insufferable years with my husband (an unrepentant fan of "The U"). I watched the smackdown in the 2001 Sugar Bowl with him, endured one of the most embarrasing losses ever in the Swamp in 2002, watched them dominate for 3 full quarters in 2003 only to watch them give away the game in the fourth quarter, then dealt with the frustration of buying Peach Bowl (Chick Fil A Bowl?) tickets and traveling up to Atlanta to watch the Canes crush the Gators (I still hate you, Ron Zook).

Through seven years and four horrendous games I had to listen to my insufferable Cane-fan husband and his Seminole-loving parents.

Finally, hallelujah, we beat them. Take that final-fieldgoal-when-the-game-was-meaningless (and for all you people who say it was uncalled for... running up the score is always uncalled for... FSU scoring 69 on a hapless I-AA opponent, anyone? ... talk to the NCAA and the crappy BCS system that values the difference in the score so highly, as evinced with Georgia dropped a spot to #2 after defeating their opponent handily last week). Redemption! Finally!!!

Ok, now that I've gotten *that* out of my system, the second thing I wanted to let you guys know about is the Orlando Southern Women's Show.

We will actually have a booth there this year -- we're featured in three places on their website. We are listed as a Green-supporter because of our efforst in recycling old fabrics, we are listed as a Charity supporter because we will donate 5% of our sales (not profits, but sales) to America's Second Harvest and St. Jude's Children's hospital, AND we're listed in the Great Deal's section because of our assortment of things under $25. For those who don't know about it, the Southern Women's show is a showcase of just about anything you could want. There's fashion, jewelry, food, gifts, pottery, art, candles, spa -- everything, it's awesome. There are cooking demonstrations, fashion shows and appearences by Jon & Kate Plus Eight stars Jon and Kate, "Jackson" from Hannah Montana and Doctor Phil.

Tickets are reasonably priced at $8 each ($5 each for children) and this includes a free year subscription to Ladies Home Journal. On their website there is currently a contest to win $250 to spend at the show, so go ahead and sign up for their promotion!!! Their website also has information on the times, show schedule and exhibitors who will be in attendance.

The show is being held October 9th - 12th at the Orange County Convention Center -- we'll be updating you as to where our booth is soon so you'll be able to find us and say hello! When we post our booth location, we'll also be uploading a printable coupon that you all can print up and bring to the show for a discount -- a special promotion just for our blog readers!!!

We hope that everyone in Orlando comes by and visits us there -- we're hoping for a huge turnout and a successful show.

We love you all!


Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm exhausted...

Ok, I'm so stupid. Last night hubby and I went out to go browse around the mall and buy dog food, etc. We stopped in Barnes and Noble to have some Starbucks and purchase some books at around 9 pm. Stupid me, I didn't request decaf and I was literally up all night. I haven't pulled an all-nighter since my toddler was a screaming newborn. Oh vey, I'm exhausted.

It's taken me until now to recover and I have to go out and get my brakes done... this sounds like it's not going to be a productive day sewing or cleaning. Bummer.

Anyway, wish me luck (that I don't fall asleep and die in a horrific car accident). :)


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 3 without toddler...

This has certainly been an eventful day! I got my rainbow batik quilt finished and I started and finished four small sensory/security blankets, plus I made a Etsy treasury to showcase fun fall finds from the Florida Etsy Street Team. It's amazing what I can get done when I don't worry about cleaning (you should see my house, it's like a fabric store vomited in my living room).

Anyway, my first picture is to show off my rainbow quilt... I love it!!! I picked out a bunch of fun batiks and created a nice melting effect -- the colors all seem to melt into one another. When you look at it, try to find some neat images (like a turtle) in the batiks. I couldn't find anything nice to make a border out of, so I just matched it with some natural cotton batting and a wonderfully soft cream fleece. It's perfect for the upcoming fall season.

The next four are our sensory security blankets -- they're some of the most popular items at our craft fairs. They have a variety of textures to stimulate baby's sense of touch and a little ribbon that allows you to clip the blanket to your stroller so you don't lose it. They aren't the best pictures (so sue me), but the blankets came out fantastic. The first one is a brown and pink paisley satin with plush pink minky, dark brown swirl fur and brown dot minky backed by pink chenille. Then we have a "jungle theme" with blue satin, blue chenille, and cream minky dot backed by green minky. My personal favorite is the "ABC" themed blanket with red minky dot, dark blue satin, white line minky and backed by the light blue chenille. Lastly is our baby sensory blanket because we only had a small scrap of the pink paisley left and I didn't want to waste it, it's a few inches smaller than the others but still just as cute! It's made with pink satin, plush pink minky and dark pink minky dot on the front and it's backed with pink chenille.

I'll be posting a few of these in our Etsy store soon... Keep an eye out because I'll also be having a contest and the winner will win a SUPER FANTASTIC Halloween-themed Florida Etsy Street Team Art pack (retails for $10 but valued at over $30!!).



I got a Treasury!

For those of you not familiar to Etsy (a wonderful handmade site that showcases some of the best handmade creations from around the globe), they have something called a "Treasury." It's where you can pick your favorite items to showcase to buyers and other Etsy visitors free of charge. They're notoriously tricky to get, but I have gotten TWO in the past week! Wowza.

I'm really proud of this treasury -- it's titled "Fall into Fabulous FEST" and features some *beautiful* fall-themed items. I'm probably partial to this treasury because it's filled with fall items and fall is my favorite season (too bad we don't actually get a fall in Orlando, lol). It's full of pumpkins and the colors of fall (primarily orange and brown) and it's fantastic. Super fantastic, in fact.

Please go ahead and view my treasury, click on the items and explore the shops... the Florida Etsy Street Team is a team of fantastic individuals who are supremely talented :)

Leave a comment and click till your heart's content. :)

Love ya,


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 2 without toddler...

I still miss him but at least I know he's having a blast with Grandma and Grandpa at Disney World. This morning he got to eat breakfast with his all-time favorite chick (Mommy is a different category, in case you're wondering) -- Snow White. Reports from my parents indicate he was so in shock that he didn't say a word to her when she talked to him... he just stared in awe. Funny thing is that he's never seen the movie, I've just read him the book... but he loves her all the same.

It comforts me to know he's enjoying himself, but it also makes me happy to hear a little voice on the phone go "Hi mommy!! I miss you..." :).

Anyway, I'm in the middle of redesigning my living room... Not changing the color or anything, but updating the drapes and adding a new picture to the wall (perhaps a few new pillows) and I'm so excited because I just finished my first-ever fully-lined drapery panel!!! YAY! I went out and bought some really beautiful black wooden sconces and finials for a drapery rod because I think these drapes came out fantastic. A long time ago (about... 6 years?) I purchased 10 yards of real dupioni silk on Ebay for $100 -- it was an amazing deal -- and it's sat in my closet because I haven't found anything to really do with it. I had black velvet curtains up there before but I'm trying to tie my new kitchen in with my living room (I repainted the kitchen last year in cream, brown and red), so I wanted red drapes and viola, a reason to use my silk. I still have three panels to go, but the first one came out amazingly well.

I purchased heavy-weight white drapery lining at around $3 a yard, so for around $150 (including tax and thread), I'll have four wide-length, lined 84" drapery panels. I just saw Bed, Bath and Beyond is selling essentially the same drapes I am making for a whopping $100 a piece. I love being able to sew. Seriously.

Also this morning I finished the quilt you all saw in yesterday's post. It took me wayyyyy longer than I thought it would because that's the way I roll.

First, it started with the thought:

I really want to put a bird applique in the center... Let me look online for good pictures of a dove.

So online I went... I found a good picture, made a drawing based off the photograph and decided I didn't like the way the dove was hunched over... so I went and found one of a dove standing straight up. This is what came out:

Once I had the bird drawn, I went to cut out an applique shape. This was a little more difficult than usual since I am out of iron-on backing, but I managed to do it. I sewed it on to the blanket (making one huge mistake -- my foot tension was on 1 because I sewed minky for the back earlier, so my stitches are sloppy... can you tell?) and had the next thought:

Hmmmm... I have to find a nice way to outline the wings and the eyes... I should embroider it...

Which then lead to me embroidering the dove and the branch it was standing on... an hour later I finally had that done and I could actually sew the back on. I made the back out of 12" strips of two different minkys (pink star and blue dot) and two heavy-weight chenilles (16 oz cream and brown) -- I think the effect rocks! Yay!! What do you guys think? The quilt is done except for the hand-tying and the fact I have to close the small opening.

Now moving on to my next quilt -- a batik rainbow :) :)...

Comment away, guys, and let me know what you think!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 1 without toddler...

My son is staying with my parents over at Disney World -- they like to RV and wanted to take him for some quality time... I agreed after a little thought (hey, at least I didn't jump up and down and go YESSSS!!!!). This probably wasn't the best idea seeing as I call my parent's home the "land of do as you please" because they let him eat whatever he wants and don't actually discipline him when he misbehaves.

I miss him something terrible -- I can't even go past his room because it makes me sad :(.

I have, however, managed to get quite a bit done with my sewing. I finished up a few more onesies, now all that's left is the hand-embroidery... I started and finished a beautiful blanket using Joel Dewberry's Aviary line (in the almond/brown/orange color)... and I started and finished the entire front side of a quilt... It might not sound like much, but you try and cut out 72 squares, two different borders, form a nice pattern, piece them together and sew in a few hours. I still have to back the quilt and sew the opening to the JD blanket, but that shouldn't take me too horridly long. They're both going to be thicker blankets, with batting inside, for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Here's the JD blanket -- I love how the oranges and browns capture the fall season... it's filled with 100% all-natural cotton batting and is backed with some of the heaviest weight (16 oz!!!), designer chocolate brown chenille I could find. All three fabrics are from Joel Dewberry's Aviary line and they look simply fabulous together. This is an awesome blanket for fall.

This next one is the quilt front. I still haven't decided what I'm going to back it with -- it'll either be minky or flannel... I'm also tempted to do a cute bird or flower applique in the center, where the same four purple flowered fabrics are because I'm going to make an applique out of the paisley fabric for a onesie.... I just can't decide which one :). I love the colors in this, it's so fantastic for a little girl. A little bit of femininity with the muted colors and fabric designs and a little bit of modern funk with the multi-colored paisley around the border. I call it my "I'm a funky angel" quilt and I can't wait to finish it. It's not terribly large, but it is sizeable -- about 44" square. A good size for a toddler's blanket or a crib decoration.

Anyway, after my recent fabric-buying binge, I've decided to put myself on a supply restriction for all of September and October. I have to keep my purchases under $20 per month for those two months so I can use up enough of the fabric I have on hand. I have boxes... Seriously. To keep myself to it, I'm going to keep this blog updated with my purchases and how much I've spent. Maybe being accountable to the blogosphere will keep me from reaching for my debit card.