Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'll be seeing you....

Ok, I'm not really gone, gone... but I'm finally going on vacation -- yay! I'm driving myself and my son up to Atlanta to visit two of my best friends in the world on Monday.... and we won't be back until Sunday. It will be a welcome getaway especially since I get to see a little man who just learned how to walk AND a pregnant belly :).

I know, I know, you'll miss me (lol), but you can soldier on without me because when I get back I promise you a chock-full Etsy and Blog week. I'll be posting new items on Etsy and I'll be reviewing the items I received from NothingLikeIt. I'll be adding a fun fall recipe AND I'll be having a super secret giveaway and sale exclusive to my Blog readers.

Before I skedaddle, I wanted to bring up two things:

The first? GO GATORS!!!!! WOO HOO, TAKE THAT MIAMI!!!!! No, seriously, that was a fantastic game to watch (stop whining Miami fans, that was a good call). I've had to sit through seven insufferable years with my husband (an unrepentant fan of "The U"). I watched the smackdown in the 2001 Sugar Bowl with him, endured one of the most embarrasing losses ever in the Swamp in 2002, watched them dominate for 3 full quarters in 2003 only to watch them give away the game in the fourth quarter, then dealt with the frustration of buying Peach Bowl (Chick Fil A Bowl?) tickets and traveling up to Atlanta to watch the Canes crush the Gators (I still hate you, Ron Zook).

Through seven years and four horrendous games I had to listen to my insufferable Cane-fan husband and his Seminole-loving parents.

Finally, hallelujah, we beat them. Take that final-fieldgoal-when-the-game-was-meaningless (and for all you people who say it was uncalled for... running up the score is always uncalled for... FSU scoring 69 on a hapless I-AA opponent, anyone? ... talk to the NCAA and the crappy BCS system that values the difference in the score so highly, as evinced with Georgia dropped a spot to #2 after defeating their opponent handily last week). Redemption! Finally!!!

Ok, now that I've gotten *that* out of my system, the second thing I wanted to let you guys know about is the Orlando Southern Women's Show.

We will actually have a booth there this year -- we're featured in three places on their website. We are listed as a Green-supporter because of our efforst in recycling old fabrics, we are listed as a Charity supporter because we will donate 5% of our sales (not profits, but sales) to America's Second Harvest and St. Jude's Children's hospital, AND we're listed in the Great Deal's section because of our assortment of things under $25. For those who don't know about it, the Southern Women's show is a showcase of just about anything you could want. There's fashion, jewelry, food, gifts, pottery, art, candles, spa -- everything, it's awesome. There are cooking demonstrations, fashion shows and appearences by Jon & Kate Plus Eight stars Jon and Kate, "Jackson" from Hannah Montana and Doctor Phil.

Tickets are reasonably priced at $8 each ($5 each for children) and this includes a free year subscription to Ladies Home Journal. On their website there is currently a contest to win $250 to spend at the show, so go ahead and sign up for their promotion!!! Their website also has information on the times, show schedule and exhibitors who will be in attendance.

The show is being held October 9th - 12th at the Orange County Convention Center -- we'll be updating you as to where our booth is soon so you'll be able to find us and say hello! When we post our booth location, we'll also be uploading a printable coupon that you all can print up and bring to the show for a discount -- a special promotion just for our blog readers!!!

We hope that everyone in Orlando comes by and visits us there -- we're hoping for a huge turnout and a successful show.

We love you all!


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Nothinglikeit said...

Glad you got your box! Have fun in Atlanta - my home town by the way... Grew up in Smyrna. Lived in Vinings for a while before moving to Virginia.
Can't wait for the super secret give away...