Monday, March 15, 2010

Back again!

Hey all! Sorry for the last absence but this time it was for a good reason! My little girl was born on 2/22 and we in the MbM household have been taking our time getting back up to speed.... we're not at 100% yet (as seen by the state of my floor and the dust accumulating on my desk as I type) but we're getting there.

Now that I'm back into the swing of baby things I thought I'd get back to something I love to do -- write reviews! To give you guys a preview of what's coming up, let me list some of the reviews I have planned:

*Newborn Cloth Diapering -- BumGenius 3.0 vs. Bumgenius Organic vs. MonkeySnuggles vs. GDiapers

*Moby Wrap

*Bravado Nursing Bras -- Body Silk vs. Original

*Nursing Tanks -- Glamourmom vs. Gilligan O'Malley nursing tanks

plus a ton of other stuff from CitizenPip (a child's lunch set), Britax and more :)...

First in the line up will be the cloth diaper comparison... look for it tomorrow!