Friday, May 23, 2008

We're back!

Hello everyone! This is Jen and I'm back from my family's vacation to Puerto Rico (very nice!), ready to rock and roll.

The Lake Eola Farmer's Market went very well and we sold quite a few onesies and blankets to new moms and moms-to-be. We didn't see any Etsians there but we're hoping to see some people who recognize us from the internet soon. This is a picture of our booth with some of the items displayed! The only negative to the market was that some artists had a chalk contest on the paving the day before -- they were AMAZING -- and we lost several onesies after the wind blew them into the chalk. Nothing a good washing in a machine wouldn't eliminate but it was still a little frustrating.

Our trip to Puerto Rico actually netted us some FANTASTIC vintage saris -- one in a beautiful lavender/pink with gold trim and one in a deep cardinal red with silver. They are seriously some of the most beautiful pieces of material I've seen in a long time and I cannot wait to repurpose them into pillows and even a child's blanket or two. Pictures will definitely be up soon.

As far as upcoming products we're rolling out... our list includes: Organic onesies appliqued with eco-friendly felt, those sari blankets and pillows and an assortment of plush blankets in whatever designs strike our fancy and a beautiful blanket with a hand embroidered rabbit in aqua, cream and tan. We'll definitely have some cupcake items at our next farmer's market (June 1st at Lake Eola), so keep your eyes open for that. We took part in Etsy's newest Baby Shower and drew a wonderful mom of a baby girl, so we'll be rolling out a few gifts for her and her new daughter.

Anyway, I hope to have some more pictures up soon of our new designs and products -- look for them by the middle of next week! Take care :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lake Eola Craft / Farmer's Market

Alrighty everyone, Made By Moms will be at the Lake Eola Farmer's Market on Sunday, May 11th from 10 am until 4 pm. After you take mom out to brunch, swing her by Lake Eola for some of the best produce and crafts you'll see in Central Florida.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

As a bonus -- if you mention that you read this post on our blog you'll receive 10% off the price of your purchase (custom orders not included) !!!!!

Have a great day!!!

Completely, totally awesome new blankets!

Ok, I haven't been this excited about our blankets in a long time. I'm so accustomed to sewing with traditional baby patterns -- cute animals, cute ocean-theme, cute bears, cute flowers -- that anything outside of the realm of "cute" has been foreign to me for a while. I am *so* not a cute person... never was and never will be. I can fawn over cutesy baby stuff with the next mom but I'll be honest when I say that clothing involving the words pink, frilly and lace will never adorn my little girl. Ever.

Well, ok, maybe a little pink. As long as it doesn't have ruffles or lace on it.

Anyway, in a kind of mini-rebellion against cute I went out and bought some fantastic new fabrics (from FabricByTheYard on Etsy) that I couldn't wait to make into some mod blankets. They're not completely done yet but I felt like I had to show them in their partly-finished state.

The first blanket is a small snuggle blanket that measures 17" square. The four squares are brown dot minky, dark pink dot minky, pink fluff and pink satin; it's backed by the coolest brown/pink paisley satin I've ever seen! The second blanket is from the mod fabric I purchased -- it's 24" x 27" and is backed by the softest chocolate swirl fabric I've ever worked with. How cool is that? The last blanket is a small snuggle blanket that comes in the chocolate mod paisley pattern and is backed by the brown swirl minky. So, what do you guys think?

I'm working on some quilts that include the fabric and I'll definitely be using the fabric to make some awesome burp cloths! Hope you guys come out to see us on Mother's Day in Lake Eola!