Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 2 without toddler...

I still miss him but at least I know he's having a blast with Grandma and Grandpa at Disney World. This morning he got to eat breakfast with his all-time favorite chick (Mommy is a different category, in case you're wondering) -- Snow White. Reports from my parents indicate he was so in shock that he didn't say a word to her when she talked to him... he just stared in awe. Funny thing is that he's never seen the movie, I've just read him the book... but he loves her all the same.

It comforts me to know he's enjoying himself, but it also makes me happy to hear a little voice on the phone go "Hi mommy!! I miss you..." :).

Anyway, I'm in the middle of redesigning my living room... Not changing the color or anything, but updating the drapes and adding a new picture to the wall (perhaps a few new pillows) and I'm so excited because I just finished my first-ever fully-lined drapery panel!!! YAY! I went out and bought some really beautiful black wooden sconces and finials for a drapery rod because I think these drapes came out fantastic. A long time ago (about... 6 years?) I purchased 10 yards of real dupioni silk on Ebay for $100 -- it was an amazing deal -- and it's sat in my closet because I haven't found anything to really do with it. I had black velvet curtains up there before but I'm trying to tie my new kitchen in with my living room (I repainted the kitchen last year in cream, brown and red), so I wanted red drapes and viola, a reason to use my silk. I still have three panels to go, but the first one came out amazingly well.

I purchased heavy-weight white drapery lining at around $3 a yard, so for around $150 (including tax and thread), I'll have four wide-length, lined 84" drapery panels. I just saw Bed, Bath and Beyond is selling essentially the same drapes I am making for a whopping $100 a piece. I love being able to sew. Seriously.

Also this morning I finished the quilt you all saw in yesterday's post. It took me wayyyyy longer than I thought it would because that's the way I roll.

First, it started with the thought:

I really want to put a bird applique in the center... Let me look online for good pictures of a dove.

So online I went... I found a good picture, made a drawing based off the photograph and decided I didn't like the way the dove was hunched over... so I went and found one of a dove standing straight up. This is what came out:

Once I had the bird drawn, I went to cut out an applique shape. This was a little more difficult than usual since I am out of iron-on backing, but I managed to do it. I sewed it on to the blanket (making one huge mistake -- my foot tension was on 1 because I sewed minky for the back earlier, so my stitches are sloppy... can you tell?) and had the next thought:

Hmmmm... I have to find a nice way to outline the wings and the eyes... I should embroider it...

Which then lead to me embroidering the dove and the branch it was standing on... an hour later I finally had that done and I could actually sew the back on. I made the back out of 12" strips of two different minkys (pink star and blue dot) and two heavy-weight chenilles (16 oz cream and brown) -- I think the effect rocks! Yay!! What do you guys think? The quilt is done except for the hand-tying and the fact I have to close the small opening.

Now moving on to my next quilt -- a batik rainbow :) :)...

Comment away, guys, and let me know what you think!!!!

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