Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 3 without toddler...

This has certainly been an eventful day! I got my rainbow batik quilt finished and I started and finished four small sensory/security blankets, plus I made a Etsy treasury to showcase fun fall finds from the Florida Etsy Street Team. It's amazing what I can get done when I don't worry about cleaning (you should see my house, it's like a fabric store vomited in my living room).

Anyway, my first picture is to show off my rainbow quilt... I love it!!! I picked out a bunch of fun batiks and created a nice melting effect -- the colors all seem to melt into one another. When you look at it, try to find some neat images (like a turtle) in the batiks. I couldn't find anything nice to make a border out of, so I just matched it with some natural cotton batting and a wonderfully soft cream fleece. It's perfect for the upcoming fall season.

The next four are our sensory security blankets -- they're some of the most popular items at our craft fairs. They have a variety of textures to stimulate baby's sense of touch and a little ribbon that allows you to clip the blanket to your stroller so you don't lose it. They aren't the best pictures (so sue me), but the blankets came out fantastic. The first one is a brown and pink paisley satin with plush pink minky, dark brown swirl fur and brown dot minky backed by pink chenille. Then we have a "jungle theme" with blue satin, blue chenille, and cream minky dot backed by green minky. My personal favorite is the "ABC" themed blanket with red minky dot, dark blue satin, white line minky and backed by the light blue chenille. Lastly is our baby sensory blanket because we only had a small scrap of the pink paisley left and I didn't want to waste it, it's a few inches smaller than the others but still just as cute! It's made with pink satin, plush pink minky and dark pink minky dot on the front and it's backed with pink chenille.

I'll be posting a few of these in our Etsy store soon... Keep an eye out because I'll also be having a contest and the winner will win a SUPER FANTASTIC Halloween-themed Florida Etsy Street Team Art pack (retails for $10 but valued at over $30!!).




Jessica Torrant said...

I LOVE the rainbow quilt! It is so beautiful.

Nothinglikeit said...

the rainbow batik is my favorite! good job!