Monday, September 15, 2008

Woo Hoo, I'm back!

Let me just start this out with the fact that my vacation was fantastic. We had a great time visiting my two best friends -- Aunt and Uncle to my son -- up in Atlanta. We went to Chuck E Cheese, the Atlanta Zoo, a splash park... you name it, we visited it (including's warehouse... but that was for mommy). We had a blast.

Until Saturday evening.

You see, I always drive at night because my toddler is asleep and there isn't any traffic -- I can put it on cruise control and relax, knowing I'll meet very few cars on the road. Unfortunately, my son decided to pick Saturday evening (about 30 minutes into the trip) to throw up all over himself, his car seat and his blankie. Oh. My. Lord. He didn't eat dinner that evening but I chalked that up to not liking chicken quesadillas and he didn't show any signs of feeling ill that whole day. I pulled into a gas station, stripped off his PJs (threw them into the trash) and picked up the fantasticness with another tshirt (trashed as well). I took everyone into the dirty gas station bathroom and tried to wash us all but I don't think I managed to accomplish anything because we both still smelled like throw up. Blankie went into a plastic bag for immediate washing upon the return home and I had to make up my mind as to what to do.

I decided to press on and we got back at 2:30 am without any further incidences (except that I tried to hold my bladder for so long I almost wet myself). As I was taking a shower at 2:30 am, my husband informs me that his car won't start so he'll have to take mine to work. It's fortunate that I have someone meeting me at a mall to discuss a memory blanket on Monday (sarcasm). I figure "no big deal, I'll just go and get a battery Monday morning after my brother jumps the car)."

I slept the whole next day so it wasn't until this Morning that I realized my check card was missing. Great. Still don't know where it is but no one's tried to use it yet (thank god).

Then I couldn't jump my husband's car, effectively stranding me at home and away from the business contact I had to meet.

Then, the irreplaceable $100 hand-embroidered blanket I shipped on 8/27 STILL wasn't at its destination in Canada.

Seriously, this morning has been poor.

BUT, things are starting to look up. The memory quilt customer graciously came to my house and dropped off everything... and the package arrived in Canada (and he LOVED THE BLANKET!!). My hubby is bringing home a new battery, so we'll install that tonight. Now, all I need to do is find my check card and everything will be right in the world.

Ok, I know I promised you guys a contest and new listings and the contest will be up on Wednesday :).

Take care and I'll update again soon with all sorts of cool goodies that I am making ;)


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