Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ok, loyal readers... I have so much to fill you in on!!!! It's certainly been a whirlwind few weeks with the Vegas vacation backing into the Southern Women's Show in Orlando. Tomorrow during Aidan's nap I'll be on to tell you guys all about both... but here are some pointers to keep you eagerly awaiting more (laugh) :):

*We lost money in Vegas, but I knew it wouldn't be my week when I threw away 2 2 before the flop in a no limit cash game and the flop comes 2 2 8. Yeah, would have won the $400 jackpot in addition to the hand. I hate poker.

*We ate in some great places in Vegas, won't say the thumbs up or down until tomorrow! ;)

*We did very well at the Southern Women's Show and met some great people -- especially those from Cherish Bound, Resident Chef and The Bucket Co.... and I can't wait to plug them, their products and stuff tomorrow.

*We also met some rude people, so I'll be griping about the Orange County Convention Center staff and operations in general...

Stay tuned for an action-packed, no-holds-barred blogaganza tomorrow!!!

Take care :) -- Jen

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