Saturday, October 18, 2008

R,I.P Tyson Peace

I don't usually discuss sad things, but today I feel like I need to do a bit of writing to let my sadness go. A few days ago I discovered that a good friend in high school passed away (Facebook is good for some things, not just wasting time). I had kept in contact with Tyson up until I went away to college, but I really hadn't spoken to him for a while. He was a nice guy, though, with a beautiful family.

I just thought that since I can't go to the funeral today that I'd send some memories out into the blogosphere as a dedication to my old friend...

*Remember when we went to the 3rd Halloween Horror Nights at Universal? I was a freshman that year... we partied at the huge McDonalds by Universal... ate candy until we were wired and were some of the first people at the gates when they opened them.

Remember running with the hoard of people towards a haunted house -- the People Under the Stairs? Remember Darryl tripping and falling end over end in an almost comical way before jumping back up and continuing to run?

Remember when Universal still had the cool Bates Motel and Psycho house that they'd use as a haunted house? Remember a pneumatic "Mother" jumping out at you and scaring you so badly that you reached out, stole the wig and took off running? Hysterical. Freaking hysterical. Seriously.

Remember when, completely bored from waiting in line 40 minutes, you stomped on a ketchup packet and it exploded all over everyone? Remember going to Dennys at like 2 am when it closed and stuffing ourselves silly? I still remember HHN 3 as one of the best nights ever -- it was a night full of fun and abandon, doing dangerous stunts (like passing candy between cars speeding down I-4 at 5 pm in the afternoon) because we were young and stupid but never crossing the line.

*Remember my birthday party where you helped my dad with our ac? Seriously, I couldn't even tell you what an air handler WAS at the age of 14.

*Remember going to midnight mass on December 24th/25th one year so we could see the church dressed up in Christmas decor, with hundreds of candles and listen to it in Latin? Do you remember driving back on Alafaya Trail when there was literally *nothing* between Mitchell Hammock and my community (Stillwater) but Publix and a gas station? Do you remember your transmission going?

In the age before cell phones, do you remember having to walk to that *one* gas station with no lights and very little traffic? Do you remember me freaking out completely because I was worried my parents would ground me for being home later than I told them I would be?

*Do you remember playing Nintendo's Street Fighter for hours on end?

Well, Tyson, I remember them.

Rest in Peace, Tyson Peace.



Nothinglikeit said...

That was nice. So long Tyson.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful tribute. May peace be with you and Tyson's friends and family.

somacow said...

Thanks for that. Very touching - I am sure he remembers all of that, and I really, really wish we still had the wig.

And the McDonald's Flag.

Take care!

Anonymous said...


I just found out and I am sad. You were there with me on New Year's 2007 when I had no one. Especially when a crazy woman tried to kick in my door and you were there holding the door while I was calling 911. You just smiled. As you always did. I miss you so much! I haven't had the time to understand what happened, but know that I loved you for you and found nothing but comfort in your huge smile.

Wish you nothing but happiness and peace now.

God is with you now. Hold him for us all.


Starlett said...

I am completely devistated by this news. Tyson...why? I can only ask that. You will be truly missed. I've missed you everyday that I haven't been in contact. Sorry for that. More now than ever.

Thank you for being there for me on New Year's 2007 when I was alone and had no one. Especially when the "crazy" lady showed up and tried to knock my door down. You were my hero with nothing but a smile on your face.

I am only learning of your departure from this earth and in complete shock. I only wish I would of been there.

You loved your kids more than anything and I know you will be missed by them.

Tyson, you were a sweet, caring person and made me smile when I didn't want to. Made me laugh when I least expected it. Comforted me by rubbing my feet and telling me everything would be okay. I wish you were here for that.

I will always remember our good times and the strength you gave me to be who I am. I will forever remember that.

Love you! I hope you have found the "peace" you deserve.


Anonymous said...

17 years ago, I was walking my dog down the sidewalk next to the Tuskawilla Golf Course, when in the distance 3 boys came around the bend riding their bikes and stopped to speak to me. Those three boys where Bryan, Tom, and Tyson. I had just moved into town at the time had no friends and never imagined that this chance encounter would lead me to become a better friend, husband, father, and overall a better man.

Of those three boys, Tyson and I became close friends instantly. His personality was that of which there were no likes. He was sociable, energetic, clever, exciting, and confident. All of which were qualities that I was not and was directly magnetized too. For the next 17 years after meeting, he gave me thousands of the fondest memories and life lessons that I will cherish, share, and pass on to my son.

One of the fondest memories and probably the pivotal memory that I have of Tyson which depicts his personality, our friendship, and depicts the time we had together the best was our Jellyfish drive which I would like to share with you today.

We were 17 years old at the time. It was Spring Break and Ty and I had decided to go camping up in St. Augustine. At this time in our lives we had no cares as to what the weather, was like since we where going camping and that in turn meant that you take what mother natures gives you. Needless to say, a hurricane had formed in the Atlantic and was skirting the eastern coast and we had no clue. We set up tent and went on our regular camp ways but as the night grew on the weather took a turn for the worse, it was a cold, extremely windy, and quite uncomfortable. I think I even ended up sleeping the car. The next morning things cleared up and curious as we where we got into the car and drove out to the beach to see what had washed up. As we drove onto the beach, we were disappointed by the lack of anything that there was to find. But as Tyson had it, there was always something to do on a wide, desolate beach in a car. He revved the engine and we peeled out but went nowhere…confused he did it again and the car revved, the little engine roared but the car went nowhere. He looked at me confused, opened his door stepped out. As he took his step from the car, he looked down turned around leaned back into the car and with his signature; wide blue eyed, excited, black dilated look, he let out a big “DDUUUUUDDDDE, check this out!!”. I opened my door, stepped out into what seemed like soft, mushy sand but upon close inspection was an 1-1/2” layer of jelly fish covered with a thin layer of wind born sand giving the impression that it was just a beach. I looked at Ty with a face of disgust, only to see him looking at me with an excited, mischevious look as he said “get in the car get in the car!!” I knew I was in for something….

We jumped back in the car, put our seat belts on and he put it in gear. He started of slowly but in no time we got some speed in and before I know it we are doing about 50 miles per hour before he jerks to the left, then the right while puling the parking break at the same time. We spin, and we spin, and we spin some more. I could not tell you how many times we spun, but I can tell you that, at that moment, spinning and laughing and spinning is what Tyson was to me. A whirlwind of excitement, energy, adrenaline, passion, and laughter that there will be no equal to my life and that I will cherish for ever.