Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 1 without toddler...

My son is staying with my parents over at Disney World -- they like to RV and wanted to take him for some quality time... I agreed after a little thought (hey, at least I didn't jump up and down and go YESSSS!!!!). This probably wasn't the best idea seeing as I call my parent's home the "land of do as you please" because they let him eat whatever he wants and don't actually discipline him when he misbehaves.

I miss him something terrible -- I can't even go past his room because it makes me sad :(.

I have, however, managed to get quite a bit done with my sewing. I finished up a few more onesies, now all that's left is the hand-embroidery... I started and finished a beautiful blanket using Joel Dewberry's Aviary line (in the almond/brown/orange color)... and I started and finished the entire front side of a quilt... It might not sound like much, but you try and cut out 72 squares, two different borders, form a nice pattern, piece them together and sew in a few hours. I still have to back the quilt and sew the opening to the JD blanket, but that shouldn't take me too horridly long. They're both going to be thicker blankets, with batting inside, for the upcoming fall/winter season.

Here's the JD blanket -- I love how the oranges and browns capture the fall season... it's filled with 100% all-natural cotton batting and is backed with some of the heaviest weight (16 oz!!!), designer chocolate brown chenille I could find. All three fabrics are from Joel Dewberry's Aviary line and they look simply fabulous together. This is an awesome blanket for fall.

This next one is the quilt front. I still haven't decided what I'm going to back it with -- it'll either be minky or flannel... I'm also tempted to do a cute bird or flower applique in the center, where the same four purple flowered fabrics are because I'm going to make an applique out of the paisley fabric for a onesie.... I just can't decide which one :). I love the colors in this, it's so fantastic for a little girl. A little bit of femininity with the muted colors and fabric designs and a little bit of modern funk with the multi-colored paisley around the border. I call it my "I'm a funky angel" quilt and I can't wait to finish it. It's not terribly large, but it is sizeable -- about 44" square. A good size for a toddler's blanket or a crib decoration.

Anyway, after my recent fabric-buying binge, I've decided to put myself on a supply restriction for all of September and October. I have to keep my purchases under $20 per month for those two months so I can use up enough of the fabric I have on hand. I have boxes... Seriously. To keep myself to it, I'm going to keep this blog updated with my purchases and how much I've spent. Maybe being accountable to the blogosphere will keep me from reaching for my debit card.


Nothinglikeit said...

That JD blanket is beautiful! You do such wonderful work!

...tom... said...

hey there Jen...

Just found your online entrepreneurial 'experience' the other day and I am amazed at the beauty and the energy of the few pieces I have seen so far.

So do you have any fabrics with a cardinal or similar motif..? My wife is a big fan of the bird and I am always on the lookout for art and craft stuff.

Anyway, just wanted to say 'hey' and (once again..!) let you know your voice and energy is missed elsewhere. But I am glad to see you are filling other places with that same energy.