Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh man, I love my fellow FESTersand Etsyians :) :)

Ok, so I'm seriously on a buying kick lately. I'm buying for gifts, buying for surprises and simply buying for myself. I'm eyeing a huge picture for my living room, I've already purchased a few soaps from LaveMeSoapCo ( and a few embroidered items from AuntiFranni (

But the best of the best (sorry, Franni) are the things that NothingLikeIt ( is making for myself and my family.

It all started out innocently enough... "Hey, I like her Corky elf coaster and the Rudolph coffee mug... that'd make a great gift for my MiL" ... then it became "Hey, I'd like a set for myself." ... then I wondered "Hey, I wonder if she could make me a Great Dane coaster for my mom and dad" ... *then* it became "Hey, I'd like a coaster for year-round use... I wonder if she could make a cool thing like Lord Voldemort, the Joker or Darth Vader.." Seriously, it's spiralled way, way out of control... and I'm LOVING it. She's done the doggie coaster and I love it -- you should check out the pictures on her blog -- and she's working on Darth Vader.

I can't wait. Seriously. I do feel bad, though, because I feel like I'm usurping all her time... then again, I will pay her ;).

Anyway, check out all three shops. They really are fantastic shops, fantastic people and amazing crafters/artists.



Nothinglikeit said...

You are seriously cool Jen! Thanks for the good press!
I keep giggling every time I think of the Darth Vader coaster... I think he might get a glow in the dark light saber too. I can't wait to start on it!


Franni said...

haha jen i agree!!! did you see the glow in the dark cow she made for me??? i asked her about making a zombie one. you are right she is best of the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh awesome! Glad you liked the soaps!!! I will have to check out the other shops now...