Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why I hate rural living....

Ok, so seriously, someone help a sister out here.

Look at these pictures and tell me...

Is it Lyme Disease or is it ringworm? ARGH!

Let me give you some background...

Today I was doing a bit of gardening -- we received something like 15 inches of rain from Fay and I wanted to try and help my beleaguered garden out by weeding a bit and draining some water away from the beds. I went to brush some water from my face (raining again!) and brushed my left arm with my dirty glove. I felt a small sting and scratched my arm when I noticed a small rash with what appeared to be two small bite marks inside. I assumed I had gotten bitten by something -- spider, bug, whatever -- because I was digging around in mud. I went inside, washed it off, put Neosporin on it and covered it with a bandaid.

Later, Shannon told me he thought it might be ringworm because of its semi-circular shape and raised appearance. .. but it's not itchy and it's not in a place normally associated with ringworm. Plus, I've heard that ringworm glows green in black light and this does not glow green.

Once I did the black light test, I went on the internet to find ringworm look-a-likes... and viola... Lyme Disease. I have had recurrent headaches, chills and stiff neck pain for the past three or four days, but I passed it off to sleeping poorly for the past week or so.

So, what is it? Lyme Disease? Ringworm? Neither?



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Anonymous said...

Hi, did you find out what that was? Hope so :)