Monday, August 4, 2008

Just checking in...

We, in Jen's household, have been so busy lately that we haven't really been taking time for ourselves. This weekend we said "To heck with the lawn" and decided to go to the park and go bowling. What fun! It got everyone out of the house for some good family bonding, watching trains go by, chasing squirrels up trees and watching our two-year-old try to bowl with a six-pound ball. Let's just say the poor guys who worked at the bowling alley knew us, pretty much, by name. That's the little guy to the left, climbing a tree and subsequently falling out of it. If he doesn't have one broken bone by the age of five I'll be shocked.

My son, being the grown-up little toddler he is, decided he didn't want mommy having all the fun and taking all the photos... so he stole my camera and started taking pictures. Judging by this picture, he'll probably be about as skilled as I am with a camera. We did manage to get away to see The Dark Knight a few days ago and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do. Then again, I collected Batman comic books for most of my life so I might be a bit more predisposed to liking that movie than many others.

So what have we, at Made by Moms, been up to? Essentially getting ready for the HUGE Southern Women's Show, held from October 9th - 12th at the Orange County Convention Center. We've been beefing up our hand-drawn designs to start making more appliqued onesies, we're buying fabric to make quilts, large and small, AND we're branching out in what we're offering as far as crocheted items go. Now, in addition to our blankets, we're offering christening gowns and these adorable little capes! We've updated our Etsy store with a TON of new items (check them out, they ROCK), and more will be coming this evening or tomorrow, and I wanted to pop in to our blog to post a few pictures of what's coming up!

In our bright and bold department, we have a new style of crocheted blanket and the beautiful cape (though I can't, for the life of me, find anything nice to hang it on. We're also entering the political arena (though we aren't choosing sides!) with our Republican and Democrat bibs. We'll be offering our hand-drawn versions of the Republican elephant and Democrat donkey on onesies soon! Our holiday selection is starting to beef up with Halloween bibs and onesies, and Christmas will be right behind with burp cloths, bibs, onesies, blankets, and decorations (oh my)! I'm not joking when I say we've been working fingers to grindstone to bring our newest and BEST products to the market.

We've also been working on things like a press kit and we're trying to get some good publicity and PR going for a smashing fall season. We want this Christmas to be one to remember! I have to run and pick up my son from his grandma's house, but I wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog and taking the time to care about us at Made By Moms! Have a fantastic day,

Jen :)

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east4thstreet said...

I just checked out your store- really nice stuff. I especially love the red and gold sari quilt-really beautiful.