Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, before I head off to bed to get some semblance of sleep before a busy day tomorrow... I wanted to pop in and write for a bit...

First, I'm really upset at myself. I've been baking cheesecakes for almost seven years (mostly at holidays and special events) and this has been the first time I really, royally messed up. I've had the occasional cracked cheesecake top (mostly at the beginning, or when I leave it in a minute or two too long), but I've never ruined a whole cheesecake. Well, tonight I did.

How, you ask? I will, occasionally, bake my cheesecakes in a water bath. It helps to cook the cheesecake evenly, will aid in preventing cracked tops, and leaves a moister cheesecake than traditional baking. HOWEVER, since you usually bake cheesecakes in a springform pan you need to wrap the cheesecake tightly. Tonight, apparently, I did not (I think I might have torn the aluminum foil). Water seeped into my pan and sogged up the crust and the cheesecake. Boooooo!!!!!!!!! An entire rum cheesecake gone. :( :( :(

Second, I just wanted to talk about thinks I am thankful for... Namely, my husband and son. I met my husband seven and a half years ago, we were engaged approximately six months after we met and got married about eight months after that. He is, truthfully, my soul mate. I couldn't ask for a better best friend, partner and mate. He is loving, caring, intelligent, funny, geeky, helpful and a great husband and father. I'm also thankful for my little boy, who lights up my days and nights and fills them with so much love that sometimes I think I'm going to explode.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by the best friends and family a person could hope for. I'm not the most outgoing person and I tend to only have a few really good friends at a time, but the ones I have... well, I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world. Thank you Heidi, Betsy, Phil and Lisa. You four are my best friends and my life would be less without you.

Well, that's about all I have... On a more business-y note, I'm starting to create a line of Jolly Roger Shirts for infants and toddlers -- trust me when I say these pieces of clothing are going to be fantastically unique, fun and quirky. I can't wait to get you all some scans!

Take care, everyone, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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