Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ok, you are going to laugh...

I have finally decided that I am clinically insane.

This revelation probably does not come as a surprise to those who know me, but this turn of events should surprise even my husband. I have set up so much on my plate that Im not sure I can get it done... heres where you come in: I need you to keep me on task.

So, what have I lined up on my plate that seems so daunting? Here goes:

*I am redoing a guest bedroom... this entails:

*Priming and painting the entire room (including stripes on one wall)
*Setting up all the new furniture and moving the old furniture out
*Sewing the curtains, quilt, pillows and various other items in the room

We are going to DragonCon in September, so I have a few costumes Id like to get done before then... They include:

*Padme Amidalas Corset Gown... I need to make the mermaid skirt out of both silk and burnout velvet and bead the necklace by hand.
*Two Starfleet uniforms... I need to find a place that does custom fabric printing in an inexpensive manner, sew the uniforms and find the pants and boots for both a man and a womans outfit
*Finish my Silhouette costume... I have all the parts, now I need to dye and alter them... oh, and find a wig.

Yeah, did I mention that Im also thinking about training for a triathlon (also in September)? Holy cow.

So, heres what Im going to do... Every few days Im going to post pictures, updates, and information and I need all my friends and watchers to give me encouragement and props to keep going. Trust me, there will be tons of pictures to share... especially of the costumes... So, stay tuned... This blog is SURE to become MEGA-active over the next few months.

Take care all and happy reading,


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