Monday, June 15, 2009

Triathlon update and... LOOK... a new sink!

Ok, two things today....

First is that, unfortunately, my triathlon training is put on hold (what is up with things happening to me at the last second?)... Why? Well, I've been having some knee pain and after applying heat and resting it for a while, I decided to go to the doc when it wasn't getting any better. The doc fiddles around with my knee, makes a lot of "Mmm, hmm... uh huh" noises and then says I need to get an MRI done by an Orthopedist.


He thinks I have a torn meniscus (cartilage inside your knee) and might need arthroscopic knee surgery.

Oh hurrah. Can you imagine knee surgery with a three-year-old? Good god have mercy. However, seeing as I'd like to run again (heck, I'd go run right now in 95 degree heat) without massive knee pain... I'll go through with it. Jeez, the joys of getting old.

Well, that was a downer... BUT, I do have good news... I GOT A NEW SINK!

Why on earth is that good? Well, I HATED (loathed, detested, etc) my old sink. It was cheap white porcelain that I had to scrub with clorox every few days because it stained so bad. Let me give you an example of how cheap it was -- I was washing a large glass mixing bowl when it slipped out of my hands and fell into the sink divider... I cringed, expecting to pick up broken glass, when I discovered that it wasn't my BOWL that cracked... it was the freaking sink. The sink's bottom wasn't flat, it was rounded, so you couldn't place any glass cups without them falling over (and breaking).... oh, and it was small... and we had an awful faucet that leaked constantly and was just Ugly.


Finally, we have a new one. A nice one. A fancy-schmancy one... and I am thrilled! It's black (no more staining), it's only a single bowl (so it's huge) and the bottom is flat!! Oh happy days! Plus we got a new faucet with a pull-down nozzle... Oh, I can fill my large pot with water without slopping it all over myself. I can stopper up the drain and even let pans soak in soapy water, like people intended to happen when they first thought up the concept of a sink!!! I'm in heaven!

Ok, so I realize you don't care... but I had to tell someone! :)

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Nothinglikeit said...

Stinks about the knee. Nice sink. Vey zen-like, it all balances out...

LOL.. or not...