Monday, December 7, 2009

Wow... it has been forever!!!

So, I was checking around and it's been forever since I last made a post! Holy cow!!

Well, so where shall we begin? First,

I'm pregnant with my second child (hence the reason why I haven't really been as active as I'd like to be) so I've been taking a hiatus from sewing and crafting. I just entered my seventh month (last trimester, woo hoo) so I'm getting super-excited about bringing home our new little girl... yes, I did say girl!

I took about a month and decided to create Baby Bird's room from scratch and I found this super-awesome fabric from BabyBirdDesign who is a true, top-notch Etsy seller. Her little red birds design can be printed on a super-soft organic sateen and absolutely rocks! It's a great mixture of fresh modern and classic cuteness. For those who have boys in their future (or just don't know), she has a ton of other unique designs (my other favorite is the sheep... how cute are they??!!).

So, what do you think about the stuff for Baby Bird's room?

After Baby Bird's room got finished, I was hard-pressed to get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas and my son's 4th birthday (holy COW!!??)... I carved a pretty cool pirate cake and decorated it... I'll be including one picture now, but I'm thinking tomorrow I might update with instructions... so check back!!

Also, I'm listing a few items in my shop to help clear out some excess inventory since we weren't able to do any shows this year and it's looking weak for the early part of next year... They will be grab bag sales -- meaning HUGE discounts.... so if you want a cute burp cloth, bib or blanket at ridiculously cheap prices... check our items out!


...tom... said...


I'm pregnant with my second child


No page after page of congratulatory and laudatory comments praising you on both your fecundity (did I really just use that word..?!?) and courage for having yet another one..?!?

Sounds like life is full and rewarding. That is a good thing. You are missed elsewhere but that is cool. ...:minism:...

Good luck going forward; I will try to check in occasionally . . .maybe that will be some small stimulus to keep posting here . . .though that cake post ...that one was a 'lean-n-mean' buster..!!


Made By Moms said...

lol!!! I have never been a 'lean and mean' kind of gal :)... I can do it if I try, but I'm far too wordy to let reviews go under... say... 1000 words. ;)

It used to get me in trouble ALL the time in AP English -- write a five-page essay? Ha. More like a eight page diatribe on my topic.

You'll probably see me back at Epinions more often with the second one -- I have *tons* of new stuff to review... and I'll be glad to see you hanging around here!

Take care