Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holy cowtastic!

Ok, first, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone :)...

Second... my son is SICK AGAIN! I cannot believe this, it's starting to get ridiculous. My son has had a grand total of two colds in his entire three years of existence... then we start sending him to a part-time preschool and his immune system freaks out. It's not like he's never been exposed to germs -- I take him out, to play groups, to Chuck E Cheese, etc, all the time!!

In the past month he's had:

*A really nasty cold (which he kindly gifted to me)
*An ear infection, that he got on the tail end of the nasty cold
*A nasty stomach virus (which he received from the husband and is still suffering some side effects from)

and, now, ANOTHER ear infection.

I'll have to give good ol'doc a call on Monday to straighten this out -- maybe I'll have to keep him out of school and quiet for a week to build up his immune system. Keeping him out of school won't be hard, it's the quiet part that I'll have some trouble with.

Anyway, I won't be around for a while... I've got to battle with the child, wish me luck!

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