Sunday, February 1, 2009

You know what's not an enjoyable alarm clock?

I just thought I'd start off the blog post with my wonderful alarm clock this morning -- the sound of my husband throwing up at 6 am. Yeah, that's not a great way to wake up on a Sunday. He's got some sort of stomach virus and he's been laid up all day today, poor guy.

We need some sort of well wishes our way -- I don't think my household has seen the sunny side of "healthy" in a month.

Speaking of months... February is starting off with a bang. I think I've had as many items sold in these past few days as I've sold in the past six months (including Christmas). Absolutely amazing!!

Oh, and my items? I put our Valentine's Day blanket up on Etsy and Art Fire this morning. I think it's awesome -- a large minky blanket with red applique hearts. It can be personalized with whatever saying you so choose -- let me know what you think about it.

I'll be adding a whole schmeal of stuff in the next few days -- burp cloths, bibs, blankets... awesome stuff, so check back often :)


CT said...

Oh...hope he feels better! - CT

missbreezysbox said...

Like the blanket. My house started out the year with that virus. My mother-in-law had it first,then I got it, then my husband. It was like a plague. Hope he's doing better by now.

Made By Moms said...

Thanks for the comment!

My husband is doing better, but my three-year-old decided HE was going to come down with the same stomach flu on the day of my Aunt's wake.

He was doing better on Friday and much better on Saturday... then BAMN... Sunday came and he was horrendously sick all over again. It's amazing -- my son has had one, perhaps two, colds in three years... then in the span of three weeks he gets a bad cold, an ear infection and the stomach virus.

Ugh. Long month.

Take care :)