Sunday, February 1, 2009

WOO HOO, A battle is won but the fight rages on!

Ok, so we won a small part in the fight amending the CPSIA. The CPSC has delayed implementation of the CPSIA for one year pending further review of exemptions and potential changes.

Don't think that this is over yet, though, campers. We still need to fight for common sense changes to this law -- allowing small businesses to use their supplier's testing certificates, for example -- and one of the best ways is to support Senator Jim DeMint's new bill he's introducing to the Senate. You can read about it here.

In a nutshell, it:

** delays the CPSIA for six months so everyone can get their ducks in a row
** allows businesses to use component testing from their suppliers in leu of final product testing
** exempts yard sales, resellers and second-hand stores
** forces the CPSC to give all small businesses clear guidance on how to completely comply with the legislation

As you can see, it eliminates virtually all of the complaints small businesses had against the CPSIA without actually weakening the requirements. Handmade items will still be 100% safe because they are using suppliers who test while big manufacturers still must adhere to the strict lead testing laws. I can't see ONE flaw in this and I urge EVERYONE to PLEASE contact your Representatives, especially your Senators, and ask them to support DeMint's bill.

Here is a copy of my letter to Senator Bill Nelson:

I am writing to ask you to please support Senator DeMint's upcoming bill amending the CPSIA. His bill includes common-sense solutions to many problems small businesses like my own are facing without weakening the overall intent of the bill.

In a nutshell, it accomplishes the following objectives:

*Delays implementation for six months while all the issues are worked out
*Allows small businesses to use their suppliers lead testing certificates in leu of testing.
*Exempts second-hand stores and resellers
*Prevents retroactive enforcement of the act, allowing us to sell off the old stock instead of dumping it in the trash
*Forces the CPSC to give small businesses a "compliance guide" which spells out what the government requires of them

As you can see, that provides relief and certainty to small businesses faced with extinction from the CPSIA. It allows the Goodwill to still serve the needy population without fear of reprisals. It allows handmade artisans to use their suppliers certificates (almost every single supplier of mine already tests), which eliminates the costly duplicative testing and it gives us a set of guidelines to follow so we can actually obey the intent of the law.

All of this is done without weakening the effects of the law on the most egregious offenders. They will still be forced to test while small businesses are allowed to continue to provide safe, high-quality alternatives to mass-produced junk.

Please, please support Jim DeMint's legislation. It's, perhaps, the most common sense piece of legislation to come out of Capital Hill in a long time.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Jennifer Vetere
Made By Moms

If you want, use that as a form letter... copy and paste it to your Senators. We're not out of the clear yet, but at least it appears there's one Senator who understands!


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