Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Check this out...

Ok, I don't really know how accurate her "facts" are, but this is an interesting video that makes a *lot* of sense when you sit down and think about our culture.

Story of Stuff

At 20 minutes, it's a bit long... but it's fast-paced and fascinating. These concepts are really a large part in why I've gone more organic through the years and stopped buying so much *stuff* ...

Take care and let me know what you think!



...tom... said...



She sure is 'breathy'. Every word sounds sooo important.

'She'/they lost me early with the thought that it is the government's job to "watch out for us, take care of us." That sounds like Big Brother growing even more powerful.

How about we each take care of our little corner of the world, perhaps (as she suggests) consume less stuff..??

A tag-line near the bottom of this blog is interesting: "Check out a sample of our stuff!" ...:minism:...

Maybe we all need to go back to sustenance farming.

Anyway . . .complicated topics and thoughts and solutions for sure.


Made By Moms said...

I knew you'd post, Tom ;)

Yeah, her speaking style irked me a little and I'm not sure about her facts (as the website doesn't actually give any references for what she days), but it's interesting. That one quote about the government bothered me as well, but I let it slide a bit as it didn't really pertain to the overall message (in my opinion).

It's funny, I think about what I'm trying to do in concert with my beliefs about going organic and buying locally... but I feel that buying locally, from actual people instead of large-scale corporations, isn't truly that far from what she's saying. We'll never get to a monastic society, but we can make an effort to fix, to recycle, to donate, to reuse.

I don't know if there are any good solutions... but it definitely was very interesting and good food for thought.

Take care! :)