Tuesday, December 16, 2008

YAY -- My article was FEATURED :)

See, this is why I love Art Fire (and their employee, Sara) -- grassroots who care about their members. They feature their verified vendors and you can write for their Art Daily magazine.

Anyway, we wrote a featured article here:

Art Daily Article

It's on the basic differences between craft shows and online, so definitely take a look at it even if you're a craft show veteran. Post comments there to help me, because it's intended to be a series. If I left something out or there is something I should touch on, please let me know! Any feedback is highly, highly appreciated :)

Take care all



Art Fire said...

Hi Jen!

Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for the sweet comments about Artfire... and Sara, too. We are so happy to have you as a Verified Member and we really do care about making our sellers and buyers feel welcome.

I think your Art Daily article about the difference between craft shows and selling online is AWESWOME! It's a great comparison that is detailed and really highlights the different skills that are required for each method. Excellent work! I hope you will contribute to Art Daily again.

Thanks for spreading the word about Artfire.com!


Social Media Coordinator
Create Without Limits ~ Sell Without Fees

Made By Moms said...

Yay!!! Thanks for commenting... I was just about to go and write an Ode to Art Fire... and now I have even more of a reason!

I have talked with Sara about doing more articles about Craft Fairs, and also about starting an "Ask Jen" column where people can write their questions about their shops, etc, in and I'll give my opinion on it!

Take care and thanks again for stopping by!