Saturday, December 27, 2008

Etsy Seller Review -- KeetaCollection

Way back in October, I was searching Etsy and the internet to find someone to custom create two purses for me. They were for my two second-cousins and I needed something cute and fun for two college-age women who had completely different senses of style. One is an upscale college student and the other loved California chic. Boom, I found Vicki, owner of Keetacollection and a good relationship soon ensued. I loved the first two purses so much, I ordered three more for my mother, mother-in-law and stepmother-in-law for Christmas. It wasn't only me who loved it -- every single person who received them as gifts were ecstatic *and* there have been a few people who have contacted Vicki about special orders.

So, let's get into the review, shall we?

Where you can find KeetaCollection:
Her website:
Her Etsy Site:

Communication and Customer Service:
Vicki is definitely a 10 on the customer service scale. Her email replies are fast, her completion time is short and she's willing to go the extra mile for her customers. She makes it easy to pay through PayPal and her website is fantastic!!

Her Eye for Style:

Both of my orders were custom and both orders involved vague ideas like "my mom is more classic in style," or "my stepmother-in-law is a fan of Thomas Kincaide." My first order involved the UCF bag and the California-chic bag, and she knocked both of them out of the park. I was so impressed with her ability to match the fabrics with the theme/idea proposed that I ordered the next three bags with the same vague style ideas. She created bags that matched the idea perfectly. She's definitely someone who can create fantastic styles for those who aren't quite sure what they're looking for.

Her eye for style gets a 10.

Quality, Value and Workmanship:

As one sew-er to another, her workmanship is top-notch. Her stitches are straight and even, the seams are matched well and her bags are ultra-sturdy. The quality of the fabrics she uses is second-to-none and she even includes special little touches like a key clip inside the purse. When you look at the quality of fabrics she uses and the care she takes creating her items, I'd say her items are worth every penny she charges. When you look at the cost of even purses and totes at Target, which can easily reach $50 - $70, her prices are absolutely affordable.

Quality and workmanship get 10. Her value is definitely a 10.

Her Overall Score:

I don't know, what do you think her overall score should be? I'd say she's the best seller I've dealt with on Etsy and the internet in general -- and that's high praise, as I've purchased items from some amazing sellers and I'm not trying to take away from them... I'm just saying that she's amazing. She has a great combination of friendly customer service, fantastic quality and value that is lacking when you shop at even the high-end large-scale stores.... *plus* her items are all handmade!!!

She's definitely a 10 out of 10 -- if you ever need to find purses from small clutches to large diaper bags, kitchen towels or changing pads, you definitely need to check out the KeetaCollection.

Take care and have a great day


PS: I don't have pictures of all the purses because I forgot to take them on Christmas!! Ha Ha! I'm dumb!!!

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