Friday, December 12, 2008

It's official

I have traumatized my dog. Poor Molly, I really do feel sorry for her. She won't eat, won't drink and when I put the collar around her head this morning, she stood up in her crate, staring straight ahead for a full hour.

Then I took her outside to go potty, brought her back in... and she did the *same* thing while we ate breakfast -- just stood in the doorway, drooling on the floor and staring into nothingness. Now (four hours after we woke up), she is standing in my son's playroom (I moved her in there so she could be with us while we played) and she did the same thing.

It's like the collar puts her into a trance... I think she truly is traumatized. I would feel bad and take it off *BUT* she's a hardcore licker. You can't imagine the number of bladder infections she's given herself because she licks ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Darn it. And she's got toys and we have an acre she runs around like a crazy dog daily plus a toddler who tires her out, she's not bored... she just likes to lick.

Take a look at her and TELL me that's not pathetic.


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