Monday, December 22, 2008

New Poll -- Please vote !!!!

Hey everyone -- I don't have much time this morning, but I wanted to post a new poll...

Would you (or do you know anyone who would) purchase 100% organic baby items if they cost more money?

The reason I'm asking is that we recently had some requests for more organic items, but the expense of purchasing organic fabrics like terry, fleece, sherpa, flannel and sateen prints is astronomical (we're talking in the ballpark of $20 a yard). This would mean our "Snuggle Blankets," which usually retail for $15 would have to retail for $30 - $35, our bibs would be $12 - $14 and our burp cloths would be around $11 - $13.

Even with the added expense, would you purchase those items? Is that important to you?

Please log your vote to the left and comment here with thoughts or suggestions!

Thanks a bunch and take care, all!!


PS: The poll will close on 1/01! Thanks :)

1 comment:

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I really think there is a market for all organic baby items. The world is very eco-friendly right now and these would go well with that trend.
Good luck :)
I voted that as long as they are good quality, I would buy :)