Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My goals for 2009

Thanks to the kind people over at We Love Art Fire, I've decided to put some thought into my business goals for 2009. I figured that if I put it on my blog, for all to see, it might spur me to accomplish it!

Here we go:

**Streamline my record keeping by creating an inventory database through Excel, and sales data through Quick Books.

**Create a catalog to distribute (like an Avon catalog) through hair salons, teacher's lounges and other places that target women.

**Spend more on online advertising and get advertising for my blog, which will then enable me to get more online advertising ;)

**List everything through Art Fire and have as much of my inventory as possible online.
**Have 50 followers to my blog by the end of the year (I have 2 now)

**Do one craft show or farmer's market per month and try out some medium-sized craft fairs this year (I have done small, one-day and huge four-day)... perhaps branch myself out to go a little farther away to get better craft fairs

**Get into some sort of buying co-op or agreement so I can purchase my fabric wholesale

**Create an actual business "plan" and get more organized overall. Right now everything is spread to the high hills in my house... nothing is centralized and my sales folder is a disaster. I keep accurate tax records, but I need to be better organized!!! I feel to be more profitable, I need to become more organized.

I can say that I'm already done with inventory and I'm working on the catalog... so I'm, at least, getting some important things done. Now I'm off to go and create some sales logs with QuickBooks.

Take care all and thanks for reading :)

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